Silver Oak Health, Bangalore had organized a semi-interactive session called ‘Colour Outside the Lines’ on October 6, 2021, on the occasion of World Mental Health Day. This session was designed for children of employees at various corporates. The session was facilitated by Sudha Nanduri, psychological counsellor at Silver Oak Health. Sudha has her Master’s degree from Christ University, Bangalore and is certified as an Art based therapist.

The session commenced with Sudha explaining that A4 size paper and colours are required for the activity. She then asked the participants to draw a heart on an A4 sheet and think about all the emotions and feelings, like happiness, anger, guilt, sadness, they recently experienced. Now that the attendees had acknowledged their emotions, the speaker asked them to associate those emotions with colours that they feel appropriate. For ease of understanding the speaker displayed her sketch of heart and the colours that she had associated with her emotions like yellow for happiness, blue for sadness to specify a few.

As the session proceeded, the speaker asked the attendees to fill the heart with the colours that they had earlier associated with their emotions. Along with the participants, Sudha also started filling in her heart with the colours. As the activity was progressing, the speaker was explaining the importance of the activity. She explained how the activity helps one to express their emotions using colours and reflect on them. She also explained that there need not be any specific pattern when colouring the heart and can be done in any fashion they desire. After everyone had coloured their hearts, the speaker displayed her drawing and the colours she had filled in.

As the activity was reaching its final stage, Sudha explained how such activities can help children or anyone express their emotions with colours. She also explained that such activities help parents understand their children and the emotions they are going through. As the session was coming to an end, one little participant asked if they can do it daily. To this, the speaker suggested doing this activity on regular basis to reflect upon and better understand one’s emotions.